Hacker #0

Matt Sonic

VirtualReality.io was created by Matt Sonic, organizer of the San Francisco VR Meetup. He holds two technical degrees and has founded three technology companies. In his spare time, he builds large-scale interactive art installations with Anticlockwise Arts. He lives in San Francisco, CA with his amazing lady and his cat, Cotton.

Special Thanks

This project wouldn’t be possible without the support of many great people:

  • RiftEnabled – The first and the best, this site has the largest database of Rift apps on the planet. Thanks for the amazing resource!
  • Proton Studio – Creators of Time Rifters, an outstanding VR game. Thank you!
  • Neil Schneider – Founder of MTBS3D, thanks for helping usher in the era of consumer VR. Also, thanks for being a nice guy :)
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