How Can I Get Involved? is a community-run project led by Matt Sonic. Without help from VR-enthusiasts, this project can only go so far. Right now, we need:

  1. Illustrators / Graphic Designers – Love VR & love to draw? Then you’ve come to right place. needs graphic designers and illustrators to help build out the app listing and management areas. Also, there is lots of branding work that still needs to be done.
  2. Motion graphics / Animators – Love VR & love to make animations? Whether it is a 15-sec promo or a 1 minute app update overview, your art chops can help showcase the next generation of VR technology.
  3. 3D Artists – Love VR & love 3D modeling, texturing, or animation? is a 3D world that you can help build. It is a 3D hub for virtual reality content, and there is tons of room for expansion.
  4. Hackers – Love VR & love C++ or Ruby? It doesn’t get any cooler than this. is unifying the world’s VR content into a single hub. Want to build that platform? If you have a cross-platform C++ or a Ruby on Rails background, then get it touch and let’s make it happen.
  5. Marketing / Social Media Gurus – Love VR, communication, and evangelizing? is the best way to launch into a unified, 3D VR world. You can tell the world and help spread that message. Want to help inform and educate folks about the future of immersive technology? Shoot us an email.
  6. Players – Love VR and trying new VR apps? Then get involved by playing the apps and reviewing them. Your ratings help continually improve the system. Thank you!
  7. Game Developers – Love VR and making games? Then submit your game to the VR app listing and start seeing instant feedback about your game usage and scores. Become part of the community and share your awesome talents with the world.