virtualreality.io is very cool :)
-Palmer Luckey, Creator of the Oculus Rift
VRIO Facebook Page

VirtualReality.io lets you see how cool consuming VR content can be!
Director of PR, TelltaleGames

I love VRio so much I want it as my only GUI for Rift apps.
-museumsteve, VRIO Feedback Forums

This is the killer app for me – the iTunes of VR!
-7hny, Oculus Subreddit

Very awesome concept…I would definitely use something like this!
-Drash, Oculus Rift Forums

Love this project! Keep up the good work!
-Tomas Holseng, Facebook

It is fairly brilliant – anything to help keep me in the rift. If only it didn’t shake slightly when I eat, I’d never have to leave
-Drew Bowers, Facebook

Love this app, use it almost everyday.
-Victor Hagsand, VRIO Feedback Forums

I really love it! I hope we can see more games on there soon. It’s such a great way to play demos in the rift. Fantastic job!
-Snappahead, Oculus Forums

That’s actually pretty useful.
-PewDiePie, Twitter

ooh, it’s like the futuuuuuure!!!
-Martyn Littlewood, Twitter